Valeric acid

CAS 109-52-4; EINECS/ELINCS 203-677-2


Product nameValeric acid
RegistrationsCAS 109-52-4; EINECS/ELINCS 203-677-2
Chemical synonymsCarboxylic acid C5; Valerianic acid
PropertiesColorless mobile liq., penetrating rancid odor; sol. in
water; misc. with alcohol, ether; m.w. 102.14; dens.
0.940 (20/4 C); m.p. -34.5 C; b.p. 186 C; flash pt. 203 F;
ref. index 1.405-1.14
AppearanceColorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Assay (GC) %99.0
Colour (Hazen)50 max
Acid value mgKOH/g544-553
Iodine value gI2/100g5.0 max
Shelf life1 year
Standard packingin net 180 kgs PE drums
Transport informationUN No. 3265 , Class 8, Packing group III

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