Aminoguanidine bicarbonate

Product nameAminoguanidine Bicarbonate 
RegistrationsCAS 2582-30-1; EINECS/ELINCS 219-956-7
Chemical synonymsAminoguanidine hydrogen carbonate;AGB
PropertiesWhite or light red crystalline powder, soft ,almost
insoluble in water and alcohol ,instable when being
AppearanceWhite finely crystalline powderWhite finely crystalline powder
Assay99 % min98.5 % min
M.P160 deg c min160 deg c min
Moisture0.2% max0.5% max
Ignition residue0.1 % max0.5 % max
Ca0.2 % max
Na0.2 % max
Chloride0.01 % max0.1 % max
Sulphate0.03 % max0.35 % max
Iron10 PPM max20 PPM max
Insolubles in Acetic Acid0.05 % max0.2 % max
ResidueFree solublility in HCL
Clear sulution
Free solublility in HCL,Clear sulution
Shelf life1 year1 year
Standard packingin net 15 or 25 kgs bagsin net 25 kgs bags
Fcl capacity15-16mt17mt unpalletized
Transport informationUN 3077 CLASS 9UN 3077 CLASS 9

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