Carbohydrazide oxygen scavenger

Carbohydrazide is a famous oxygen scavenger in water treatment; it can be used as organic intermediate and photography. We offer the best quality at most competitive prices than any players.

HS No. 2928 0000 90

Specification and other details:

Product nameCarbohydrazide
RegistrationsCAS: 497-18-7; EINECS/ELINCS: 207-837-2
Chemical synonymsCarbazide; Carbonohydrazide
PropertiesColorless cryst.; very sol. in water, alcohol; m.w.
90.11; dens. 1.1616 (-5 C); m.p. 154 C
AppearanceWhite crystalline powder
Assay (GC)98-100.9 %
Colour APHA (in melted)20 max
PH (12% aqueous)7.2-9.7
Melting point154 deg c min
Turbidity10 NTU max
Free hydrazine200 ppm max
Chloride10 ppm max
Sulphate20 ppm max
Silica10 ppm max
Copper1 ppm max
Sodium3 ppm max
Water0.20 % max
Shelf life2 years
Standard packingin net 25 kgs Kraft-PE complex bags
Fcl capacity15mt palletized
Transport informationUN3077/ CLASS 9

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