Phosphorus pentoxide

Product namePhosphorus pentoxide    
RegistrationsCAS 1314-56-3; EINECS/ELINCS 215-236-1
Chemical synonymsPhosphoric anhydride; Phosphorus (V) oxide
PropertiesSoft wh. cryst. powd.; phosphorus-like odor; very sol.
in water; m.w. 141.94; dens. 2.30; m.p. 340 C; b.p.
sublimes at 360 C
AppearanceWhite powderWhite powderWhite powderWhite powderWhite powder
Assay (P2O5)99% min99.5% min99.5% min99.5% min99.5% min
As60 ppm max60 ppm max100 ppm max80 ppm max0.01% max
Iron (Fe)25 ppm max30 ppm max0.001% max0.001% max0.001% max
Lead (Pb)5 ppm max30 ppm max0.001% max0.001% max
Water insolubles0.01% max0.02%max0.01% max
P2O30.3%max0.3%max0.02% max
Heavy metals(Pb)0.002% max
Specific Gravity2.3872.387
Bulk Density GM/CM³Approx. 0.7Approx. 0.7
Solubility10%solution in water is clear and colourless10%solution in water is clear and colourless
Activity1.3 min
Shelf life1 year1 year1 year1 year1 year
Standard packingin net 50 kgs UN PE drums or as per customerin net 50 kgs (D* H =355mm* 510mm) drums
or 25kg (D*H=290*450 )drums
25kg drum(282mm*450mm)
50kg drum(385mm*490mm)
200kg drum(560mm*900mm)
As requestedAs request
Fcl capacity12mt, palletized16mt palletized (25kg
drums )
16mt palletized
Transport informationClass 8.1, UN 1807Class 8.1, UN 1807Class 8.1, UN 1807Class 8.1, UN 1807Class 8.1, UN 1807

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