Triethyl phosphate

Product nameTriethyl phosphate
RegistrationsCAS 78-40-0
EC No.: 201-114-5
Chemical synonymsTEP; o-Phosphoric acid, triethyl ester; Ethyl phosphate
PropertiesColorless clear liq., mild odor; misc. with water, ethanol,
ethyl acetate, acetone, chloroform, benzene, xylene,
castor oil, isobutanol; m.w. 182.16; dens. 1.067-1.072
(20/20 C); vapor pressure 1 mm Hg (39.6 C); m.p. -56 C;
b.p. 215 C; flash pt. (PMCC) 99 C; ref. index 1.4019
AppearanceColourless, clear and transparent liquidPass
Assay99.50% min99.85% min
Colormax 20 Hazen10 max
Acid Value0,05 max Mg KOH/kg0.004 % max (H3PO4)
Refractive Index 20 °C1,405-1.407
Moisture0.2 % MAX0.05 % max
Special Gravity 20 °C1.070-1.072
Alcohols100ppm max
Chloride1ppm max
Sulfates5ppm max
Shelf life1 year1 year
Standard packingin net 200 kg drums or in net 1000kg IBCsin net 200 kg drums
Fcl capacity16 or 18 mt16 mt palletized
Transport informationNon hazardousNon hazardous

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