Polyphosphoric acid

Product namePolyphosphoric acid
RegistrationsCAS 8017-16-1; EINECS/ELINCS 232-417-0
Chemical synonymsSuperphosphoric acid; Tetraphosphoric acid;
ClassificationInorganic acid
PropertiesViscous water-wh. liq.; odorless; sol. in water; reacts
with some org. liqs.; dens. 2.060; m.p. 38 C; b.p. 550 C;
pH 1 (1%)
APPEARANCEClear,viscous liquidClear,viscous liquidClear,viscous liquid
CHLORIDE1 ppm max1 ppm max1 ppm max
COLOUR(APHA)30 max30 max30 max
IRON30 max30 max5 max
ARSEN50 ppm max50 ppm max50 ppm max
HEAVY METALS(Pb)10 ppm max10 ppm max10 ppm max
FLUORO1 ppm max1 ppm max1 ppm max
Acid Value (mgKOH/g)930 - 990
N-Value5.3 max
Shelf life1 year1 year1 year
Standard packing100kg drum or 40kg drum or 340kg drumsNet 100kg / 40kg / 340kg drum or net 1.9mt IBC100kg drum or 1.9mt IBCs
Fcl capacity18mt palletized18mt palletized/ 19mt in IBCs18-19mt palletized
Transport informationUN No. 3264 , Class 8, Packing group IIIUN No. 3264 , Class 8, Packing group IIIUN No. 3264 , Class 8, Packing group III

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