Alcohol C8-10 ethoxylates

CAS 37335-03-8 ; EINECS/ELINCS


Product nameAlcohol C8-10 ethoxylates
RegistrationsCAS 37335-03-8 ; EINECS/ELINCS
Chemical synonymsAlfol 810-2 (JFC-2)
PropertiesClear colorless liquid
average molecular weight of 242;
an ethylene oxide content of about 2.1 moles (about 40
wt.%), and an HLB of about 12
C8About 45%
C10About 55%
Average molecular wt.242
Water, Wt %0.02
Hydroxyl number,mg KOH/g231
Glycol, Wt %0.59
Specific Gravity 22°C/22°C0.930
Flash Point, (PM) °C116
Melting Range,°C-15 to -14
Pour Point, °C-15
Viscosity, cSt @ 37.8°C12
Appearance, 25°CClear,colorless liquid
pH, 5% in H2O/IPA7.0
Avg. EO content, moles2.1
Avg. EO content, Wt. %40
Shelf life1 year
Standard packingin net 200kg or IBC
Fcl capacity16 mt palletized
Transport informationNon hazardous

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