Sodium heptonate

Enanthic Acid Sodium Salt

Product nameSodium heptonate
RegistrationsCAS31138-65-5 EINECS/ELINCS :250-480-2
Chemical synonymsα-Sodium Glucoheptonate Dihydrate
PropertiesWh. to ylsh. cryst. powd., pleasant odor; sol. 59
g/100 ml water; sl. sol. in alcohol; insol. in ether;
m.w. 219.17
AppearanceWhite to off-white powder
Assay98.0% min
SO40.1% max
Chloride0.01% max
Shelf life1 year
Standard packingNet 25 kgs bags
Fcl capacity16 mt on pallets
Transport informationNon hazardous

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